Accounting Excellence 2022: We’re Nominated! | KBS.

We’re nominated for this year’s Accounting Excellence Awards!

You read it right: this year we’re up for an award at the 2022 Accounting Excellence Awards! 🏆

Why have we been nominated?

We’ve been nominated for the ‘Client Service Award – Small Firm’ and we’re honoured to see all our hard work get recognised. 🏅

Obviously, we’d love to take home the prize, but being nominated is a great honour on its own.

It means that my team and I have worked hard throughout 2022 to help our clients achieve their goals, look after their finances better, and believe that accounting doesn’t just have to be about the same old dudes in suits.

That’s why we love going to award ceremonies and meeting other accountants – we were there last year, and we had a great time (although the evening does get a bit hazy after a certain point).

Just representing our community at these events means we can start challenging the traditional ideas of who an accountant is.

Why is this important?

As a female-led, black-owned firm we have a duty to be a voice and example in the community. 🗣️

Accounting has been a certain way for many years now, so for us to show other young black women that they can start a business in this space is more than important – it’s vital.

I’m excited for the future of accounting and hope that through recognition we can stand as a part of a wider movement to encourage change in the landscape of accounting as a whole.

Believe in your ideas, look at your skills, and take risks wherever you can – 2022/23 is going to be even bigger, I can feel it!

Some thank yous

Thanks to everyone who has worked with us this year – without you, we certainly wouldn’t be nominated, and we most likely wouldn’t have a job! 🙌

A little thanks to PracticeWeb for helping me with my new site and marketing strategy.

Thanks to our friends and families for keeping us going. 2021/22 has seen countless changes and new challenges to deal with. COVID-19 and Brexit have affected everyone massively, and the business landscape is so different now to the way it was three years ago.

Want to find out how we got on?

Take a look at the Accounting Excellence website for more information – there are still seats left if you’re interested in attending.

Other than that, keep an eye out on social media for any news, and keep your fingers crossed! 🤞

If you want accounting help, bookkeeping advice, or even some business mentoring, get in touch with us today.

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