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Being your own boss is empowering 💪

Whether it’s dog grooming or computer coding, you’re doing something you love. We can’t pretend it’s not daunting though. There are always unexpected challenges, tricky decisions, and the not-so-small matter of being entirely responsible for your whole organisation and any people you’ve brought on the journey with you. 

But here’s the thing: you don’t have to go it alone. Whether you’re working out your business’s legal structure, drawing up a business plan or looking at where you can make more money, let’s see where we can help.

You might not think of an accountant as a business adviser. Aren’t we just a bunch of boring people obsessed with numbers and taxes? We say no (well, yes, sometimes 🤓). While we can do all the stuff you’d expect us to, our real joy is helping businesses succeed and grow, sharing suggestions and ideas, and championing them to push to the next level.  That’s the real reason why accountants do what they do – to help people. 

One reason we’re in a really good position to help your business is the number obsession we have. We’re analytical people and extrapolating data from your books and accounts is kind of our superpower. 

If you’re worried you’ll end up with an adviser who’ll rock up in a suit and tie, don’t worry. We’ve had phone calls with business people about their cashflow while they were taking the kids to school, and enjoyed approximately a thousand cups of coffee with clients in a lovely cafe 

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