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business advice.

If you run a business in Croydon or South London we’ve got the knowledge and skills to help you grow.

People with ideas, people with hustle.

We love working with women who won’t be told to slow down, quiet down or take it easy. If you want to turn an amazing idea or exciting side project into a real business, we’d love to help you make it happen.


When you work with us, you’re joining a network of like-minded people.


We know what it’s like for women in business and we’ve got your back.


We’re great at what we do which frees you up to give your business 100%.

Business is joy

We do this because it’s fun, exciting and empowering – let’s get to work!

Accountants – we can help you, too.

Have you got clients and prospects reaching out but no capacity to deliver? Our outsourced bookkeeping and accounting services are the smart way to grow your accounting practice without taking on new permanent staff.

We’ll look after the routine, repeatable work – the 80% that weighs you down – so you can focus on the 20% that really pays the bills.

For your sector.

We work with all sorts of businesses but there are some sectors where we’ve built a real name for ourselves – through word of mouth and proven results. If you want to talk to someone who really gets it, get in touch.


Outsourced accounting and bookkeeping services to help your practice boost profits and grow.

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Advice for those who sell online, through your own store, or via Amazon, eBay, Etsy or similar.

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South London has the best high streets. If you run a shop, we can help with VAT, cashflow and more.

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People like you.

“Khiya is an amazing accountant and teacher and managed to actually get me excited about business finance which is a miracle! Very knowledgeable, very strategic and easy to work with so I’m very happy to have her on my side while I’m developing my financial skills and building my businesses.”

Sylvana Walcott

Khiya’s blog.

Hi! I’m Khiya Kara, founder of KBS, and the blog is where I get to write about whatever is on my mind, from tax to the challenges of being a black woman in business.

Let’s talk and get started growing your business.

Whether you’re running a startup in South London, or you’re an accountant looking to boost your firm’s capacity, we’re always available for an informal chat.

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