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You can spend all day working on a client, making them look fantastic, and turning their self esteem up to ten 💄 It’s what you do best, and you’re great at it. But without knowing you’re going to be financially secure, you may find that your whole business, and reason for going to work is in jeopardy.

That’s where we’re here for you. We love supporting independent businesses, and there’s nothing better than the beauty industry for meeting real people. We’ll help you keep track of all your paperwork, using cloud accounting to get you the best results possible, all easily accessible from your phone. Then you can focus on making your clients feel fabulous again.

We’ll help you with your self-assessment claim, filing it with HMRC and managing the whole process from start to finish. In fact, we’ll sit with you and discuss pretty much everything about your business if that’s what you want. We might even ask you to do our nails while we’re there 💁🏽‍♀️😘

You may also find that you have lots of expenses that are eating away at your budget – a lot of these can be claimed back, but it’s hard to know sometimes what’s ‘allowed’. We’ll set the record straight, and you’ll be saving some cash in no time at all. This includes stuff like travel expenses, equipment, and general supplies.

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