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Get paid on time for your hard work

We know how hard you work – and it’s only right that you’re paid properly, and on time, for everything you put into the brilliant work you do 👏🏽.

If you’re working in a way that means you use invoices, though, it can be a bit trickier than you’d like to make sure your money lands in your account when it’s supposed to. And nobody wants payday to be delayed!

With invoicing, you’re often relying on your clients to send you payments on time – which is a pretty big risk to your cashflow. If they forget, put it off, or are having cashflow problems themselves, you might find yourself in a sticky situation.

Lots of this can be solved with a good invoicing process. Things like sending them out early, sending out regular reminders (without sounding like a debt collector 😉), and even having them look nice can go a long way in nudging your clients to pay – maybe even early.

We can help you set this all up. We’ll look at what systems you need to have a solid structure in place, and help with creating a template that matches you and your brand. Invoices are one of the main ways you’ll interact with your clients – so use them as an opportunity to tell them who you are!

For those pesky repeat offenders, we can help you work out how firm you need to be. It might be time to think about penalties for late-payments, or just wording your reminders a little more strongly. Balance that out with discounts for early payments and show your gratitude for clients on the invoice like the angel you are 😇.

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