Management accounts.

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Management accounting is great to understand exactly how your business is doing. With it, you won’t have to make big plans and decisions based on guesswork, but with reality at your fingertips.

At KBS, we can create perfect management accounts so you can run your business with confidence. We do this by creating reports every month and every quarter of the year. They’re designed to tell you how healthy your business is, how much money you have at hand, as well as any opportunities and problems that might be coming your way.

Some accountants talk about management accountants as “sophisticated” and “authoritative” tools that are used to “increase cash flow” and “maintain confidence among creditors”. For us at KBS, they’re more of a down-to-earth and easy way to show you where your business is at right now (yes, that means we’ll include colourful bar charts and graphs, and no, they’re not just for show!)

You don’t need to have management accounts – the ones you do need to have are annual accounts, which are done once a year. But management accounts are more than just boring old numbers. They’re like the story of your business and your journey to success, and keep you and your business together.

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