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If you’re reading this, you’ve probably either just started your own business or are seriously thinking about beginning your journey as a business owner. Either way, congratulations! You’ve made a plunge into a whole new world when it comes to your day job. It can be a bit scary sometimes, but absolutely worth it given that you’re probably going to be doing something you absolutely love as your very own boss. Look at you!

Unfortunately, the stress can catch up to some people too soon. After all, not only is running your own business scary but sometimes really difficult. But then again, everything worth doing is difficult.

That’s where we can help, no matter how far along you are with your business.

If it’s just an idea, we can help you, research competitors, write a business plan, set prices, and secure financing. We can also help you choose the right legal structure. For a lot of business owners, this means answering the question: ‘will you operate as a sole trader or as a limited company?’ Each has advantages and disadvantages to do with how they’re taxed, compliance costs, and how your personal finances sit with your businesses, which we can talk through with you, so you feel comfortably informed to make a decision.

That – the planning, research, and so on – is the exciting side of starting a business, but we wouldn’t be doing our job properly if we didn’t take care of the less sparkly parts. Getting your tax and accounting systems in place is all part of the parcel, so let us handle that for you so you can get started as your own boss, properly, right away!

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Feel free to contact us to talk about your new business, even if it’s just the beginning of an idea that you’d like to talk through!

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