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So, you want to run your own business. One thing’s for sure, you have bigger dreams than some. But when things get tough, you might need an adviser to help y– oh wait, this isn’t the business advisory page. You want to build your business off your own knowledge and skills! Apologies 🤦.

But what if you need a refresher course to remind yourself what you learned in business classes at school? (Or, like lots of people we work with, you haven’t had any business classes, ever?)

Look no further than our Business Builder Course to help new business owners. Using our expert and real life knowledge, we’ll teach you all there is to know with one-to-one mentoring on Zoom, phone and email support, spreadsheets, templates, guides and toolkits. With all the training and resources we can give you, you’ll be ready to run your own business properly from day one.

And, for all you especially studious ones out there (with a special place in our hearts), we also have our Credit Control Master Class. Poor credit control is one of the most frustrating and potentially risky parts of growing a business. As you grow, it’s harder and harder to keep track of all your customers, who’s paid you and for what. If they aren’t paying you on time, or not at all, this will hurt your cashflow and put you in a difficult situation.

Fortunately, our Credit Control Master Class is there to train your team a tried and tested system for credit control. Businesses that have taken our course have seen 50-60% reductions in bad debt allowance, and 70-90% increases in recoverability. We’ll look at your current creditor and debtor listing to suggest immediate actions you can take and leave you and your team with the knowledge on how to prevent any problems in the future.

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