Everyone likes getting paid

We do, you do, and your team definitely does. Getting paid on time is nice, too. But it’s something that we can take for granted when we’re employed, and new business owners are sometimes shocked by the amount of work that goes into payroll. And, because paying your team isn’t really something you can just skip for a month, you need to commit to getting your payroll done properly. As if you needed anything else on your plate!

As accountants for payroll, we can take care of your payroll for you and essentially run your PAYE scheme. We’ll run all the numbers to work out your employees’ pay, sort out pension contributions and answer any questions your team has about their pay. We can even create payslips for you, although please don’t expect works of art or fancy designs 😉

It might seem quite obvious, but what someone gets paid isn’t just based on the hours they work. Sometimes, they get certain benefits, which are payments to them even when they don’t work. Sick pay and paternity and maternity pay are some of the most common benefits. Other times, you might have to take deductions into account, like tax and National Insurance, to work out someone’s pay.

Plus, you have to take into account the ages of your team, if you pay minimum wage, while things can get complicated with part-time and zero-houred staff. Accurate records will help you with this.

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