6 month goal review.

Our 2021 New Years Resolutions have made some massive leaps already. Have you reviewed your goals for this year? So far our clients have seen massive tax savings of over £5000. Yay for the win! As for our other goals we have lobbied the government for increasing financial aid – which was unfortunately unsuccessful. We have provided 15 free to download resources and over 70 video tutorials and are continuing to add more to our collections. Our accountant clients have seen an increase in profits and an improvement in their work-life balance and I am always so glad to hear how much our services are helping and all the future growth plans they have! But for the next 6 months, we are continuing to develop our team of bookkeepers, providing employment opportunities for women in finance and will be monitoring the final profit increase for our clients.

I hope your goals are coming along nicely, and I can’t wait to see your success this year. If you are having trouble, check out these handy tips from Brian Tracey.


Writing goals is a very successful way of making sure you achieve them, and I use this technique personally and professionally. However, the biggest hurdle to achieving those goals is sticking to them. I myself have struggled at some points this year to keep my determination, motivation and consistency high. However, I found some tricks to help me that I want to share.

  1. Get a mentor/coach – good mentors and coaches will help you stay motivated, on target, and look at problems and solutions and ideas from new angles. They will be an endless source of useful information and resources. Do not underestimate the value of a good coach. I have the details of a fantastic life coach who I will recommend forever, please just ask if you want her information.
  2. Time management techniques – I have to implement time management techniques every single day in order to get everything done and achieve my goals. If you find yourself struggling to get everything done in your day consider any of these, give them a go and see which one/s work best for you; Pomodoro, Eat that Frog, Eisenhower Matrix, The To-Don’t list, Task Batch, Time blocks.
  3. Planner system – I use a planner system to keep myself organised and focused on my priorities. I love the planner system, firstly because I like beautiful things and secondly because it provides a platform for my time management processes that is not a basic spreadsheet. I use my planner to help organise my work and personal life and achieve my goals in all areas of my life. Have you considered a planner to help organise your day. Check out the concept of Frankenplanning and see if something like this could inspire you during your day.
  4. Mini Breaks – I have noticed that every 4 weeks or so I need a week of rest, so I have now scheduled this into my planner to keep me fresh, relaxed, focused in the other 4 weeks and keep productivity high. I have learnt the value of self-care and not running yourself into the ground. As a business owner, or solo-preneur you cannot afford to experience a burnout due to overwork. So, take care of yourself, take regular breaks, ask for help before you need it and try to build a support network around you.
    I would love to hear what techniques you use to stay motivated and achieving your goals, what skills have you built up over time. What are your dos and don’ts that you can share? Let us know in the comments or drop us a message on Facebook to join the conversation!

Have a wonderful day 😊


KBS Team

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